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We are always longing to connect with our partners… and we all know it is not a one time occurrence, but an ongoing communion. This bundle gives you a basic head start on igniting that everlasting flame with the incredible benefits that only CBD oil can give you. Start your SaintLeaf journey TODAY!


A complete escape is both mental and physical. This CBD Body and Massage Oil combines both by relaxing the mind and body, creating the perfect getaway. Light some candles, turn on some soothing music, and you and your partner have your own tranquil spa retreat. Pamper each other with the most divine, sensual, full-body massages… And don’t forget the happy ending.

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Sacred Intimacy

Ecstasy. Euphoria. Heaven. The rare feeling of a supernatural state of bliss, usually achieved after really, reeeally amazing love making. Using our CBD natural lubricant will allow you to enjoy increased arousal and heightened sensations, creating an intimacy so sacred, you and your partner will wish it was eternal.

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Take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to achieve absolute tranquility. These CBD tinctures are the holy grail of natural remedies. With just a few drops, you’ll be on your way to unworldly relief from mental and physical discomfort. Your mind and body will feel so pure, your mouth will want to shout, “Holy …!”

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