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Things are about to get a bit holier. Don't waste another second. Experience the Saint Rewards by opening a risk-free account with us.
Shop and earn rewards... but, wait! We'll add a few extra ways to earn points that do not involve a purchase so be on the lookout. Being a Saint never sounded so good!
Save my points? or redeem them right away? Check out the Saint Rewards Tiers. We've got some pretty amazing EXCLUSIVE goodies. You will want to have them all! (and show them off too)
Tier 1 - Treat Yourself
This Tier includes a luxurious insulated burlap bag. Plus, you will receive one of our luscious hemp oil BLESSED Lip Balms and will get to choose from one of our amazing HOLY hemp oil tinctures.
SaintLeaf Points
Tier 2 - Unwind and Indulge
The Unwind and Indulge Tier will open the doors to an exalted bath experience.  You will fully indulge in total relaxation with a bath necessities set, soothe your skin with SUBLIME hemp oil Body Cream, and culminate the moment by wrapping yourself up in the softness of a silky, extra plush The SaintLeaf bathrobe. Say no more.
SaintLeaf Points
Tier 3 - Keep Me Enchanted
This enchanting Tier will set the ambience with the delightful aroma of some exclusive, limited edition SaintLeaf candles. This set includes a beautiful, tasteful, luxury wooden cheese board, two fine wine glasses, and a silky soft, extra plush blanket for two. Culminate the evening using the DIVINE hemp oil Massage and Body Oil and SACRED INTIMACY hemp oil Natural Lubricant.
SaintLeaf Points
Tier 4 - Burning Flame
This magnificent tier is worth the wait. An incredible way to keep the flame burning with a very complete picnic basket, an exclusive ceramic glass bottle for anytime use, and a luxurious tote bag. We also added a little spice to it with a mystery box to make adulting fun! We will leave it up to you to make it creative.
SaintLeaf Points
Tier 5 - You Matter
Top of the line, FIVE-star treatment because you matter. ALWAYS. Every. Single. Day. When you reach this tier we will spoil you with a luxurious duffle bag, two ceramic bottles, each one of our incredible products, and you will get to choose between an Apple iPad or and Apple Watch! Time to sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us...
SaintLeaf Points
*Disclaimer: Saint Rewards points accrual will be tracked in each customer's personal account. Please allow 24-48 hours for points to reflect on your account after each purchase. If an account goes inactive for over 12 months, points accrued will be lost. Gifts shown in pictures may look different than actual gifts. All gifts will have SaintLeaf's logo engraved or lasered. Points do not have any cash value. Points or gifts are not exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen.
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